Jaime1Bro. Jaime Hernandez Roberto Riffo is the pastor of Iglesia Bautista Buena Esperanza (Good Hope Baptist Church).  His first mission was located in the town of Talagante, but after much effort there,  the mission did not grow. He moved  in March of 2003 from the city of Talagante to San Bernardo, a small town in the southern part of Santiago.   The work began to grow from the very beginning.   It was soon evident that this was indeed where the Lord wanted him to work, and the mission was organized as a church in March of 2008.  Good Hope also has a  mission church in Iloca a city 350 kilometers to the South.

The church as been meeting in the garage area of a small house that Bro. Jaime lives in along with his wife and four children.   In the beginning it was more than adequate for their attendance, but as the Lord has blessed and the church has grown,  more space was needed.   For several years now Bro. Jaime and the members have been searching for a property that was affordable and yet near the present location.   One piece of property seemed especially good and after a work crew from Hebron Baptist Church visited the site, it was decided that an immediate effort should be made to purchase it.   Despite the fact the agency knew the Good Hope Baptist Church had spoken for the property,  they sold it to another client.   The results were very disappointing, but the church continued their search.

Finally, the current property was put up for sale and the Lord blessed in acquiring additional funds and making the purchase in December of 2011. Much work was required to clean it up and get it ready for use.   Under the leadership of Pastor Jaime,  the people of the church did an exceptional job as can be seen in the photo gallery on this site.   The goal now is to construct a church building on the site that will accommodate all of the members and still allow room for visitors and for growth.

If you have any questions for Bro. Jaime, or concerning this project, please use the Contact page and send your request.   If your church would like to see the Powerpoint presentation concerning the construction project, please contact Roger Laird.   I am available on any Wednesday or Sunday night.